The Indian players in fray continued their impressive performance in round 2 of the 8th edition of Mumbai Mayor’s International Chess Tournament 2015. While the inaugural round witnessed the upset victory of Sammed Shete over GM Abdullah Al-Rakib of Bangladesh, today it was the turn of Raghuram Srihari to hold GM Levan Pantsulaia from Georgia.

GM Panstsulaia, who is also the defending champion, tried all his tricks in the English opening but Srihari neutralized the pressure by exchanging pieces at regular intervals to force a draw in 65 moves.

The round also witnessed the shock defeat of GM Daniel Semcesen at the hands of 17-year old, Rohan Ahuja. In a Queen Pawn game, GM Semcesen opted for Dutch Defense and the game went on an equal footing till move 20th when a mistake by him allowed Rohan Ahuja to win material. The rest was a matter of applying simple technique, allowing Rohan to score a full point in 54 moves.  

GM Enamul Hossain also had to content with a draw against seasoned campaigner Amardeep Bartakke.

Barring these upsets, the other results went on an expected note. GM Kokarev Dmitry had no difficulty in disposing the challenge of B.S, Shivananda from the black side of Bird’s Opening in 46 moves. WGM Bhakti Kulkarni lost quickly to GM Alexander Zubov in just 33 moves from the white-side of Nimzo-Indian defense and GM Aleksandrov Aleksej also won comfortably against Utkal Ranjan Sahoo.

The lead is now shared by as many as 25 players with 2 points apiece. They are followed by 19 players with a score of 1½ points.

8-more rounds remains to be played in this grandmaster category, which is being sponsored by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), co-sponsored by the Life Insurance Corporation of India and hosted by Goregaon Sports Club.

Key Results of Round 2:



1           IM        Shivananda B.S. 1                       Lost to  1           GM       Kokarev Dmitry

2          GM       Pantsulaia Levan 1                       Drew     1           FM        Raghunandan Srihari

3          WGM    Kulkarni Bhakti   1                       Lost to  1           GM       Zubov Alexander

4          GM       Aleksandrov Aleksej       1           Beat     1                       Sahoo Utkal Ranjan

5          GM       Mchedlishvili Mikheil       1           Beat     1                       Krishna Teja N

6                      Deshpande Aniruddha      1           Lost to  1           GM       Kravtsiv Martyn

7          GM       Smirnov Pavel                 1           Beat     1           WFM    Vaishali R

8          GM       Debashis Das                 1           Beat     1                       Ram S. Krishnan

9          IM        Praveen Kumar C.            1           Lost to  1           GM       Rahman Ziaur

10         GM       Deepan Chakkravarthy J. 1           Beat     1           IM        Gokhale Chandrashekhar

11                      Abhilash Reddy M.L.       1           Lost to  1           GM       Sivuk Vitaly

12         GM       Nguyen Duc Hoa             1           Beat     1                       Ajay Krishna S

13                     Rohan Ahuja                   1           Beat     1           GM       Semcesen Daniel

14         IM        Priyadharshan K. 1                       Beat     1                       Aradhya Garg

15                     Ashwath R.                    1           Drew     1           IM        Swapnil S. Dhopade

16         IM        Karthikeyan P.                1           Drew     1           WIM    Ivana Maria Furtado

17                     Sanjeev Kumar               1           Lost to  1           IM        Swayams Mishra

18                     M Nubairshah Shaikh      1           Lost to  1                       Muthaiah Al

19                     Patil Pratik                     1           Lost to  1           IM        Prasanna Raghuram Rao


20         GM       Hossain Enamul               1           Drew     1                       Bartakke Amardeep S.