The players from Russia showed that they are still a force to reckon with as their two Grandmaster, the top seeded, GM Kokarev Dmitry & 8th seeded GM Pavel Smirnov recorded their 4th consecutive wins after as many rounds to share the lead.

GM Kokarev must be thanking his stars and generosity shown by his Indian opponent, GM Debashish Das for letting him of the hook. In the King’s Indian opening, Kokarev made a crucial mistake on the 32nd move however, Debashish could not find the correct continuation and eventually mishandled the position to lose the game.

On board 4, GM Pavel Smirnov was lucky to score a full point against Ukranian GM Vitaly Sivuk as the players had reached a drawish positions with Rook and a Pawn however; Vitaly overestimate the strength of his Pawn on the 7th rank as against his opponent’s pawn and made a horrible blunder to gift away a point.

The game on board two GM Mchedlishvili & GM Ziaur Rahman played safe to take a draw in just moves while the game between GM Nguyen Duc & GM Martin Kravstiv ended in a fighting draw after 86 moves. These players are now showing jointly sharing 2nd spot with 5 others with a score of 3.5

Meanwhile, the giant-killing run of Rohan Ahuja came to end with his defeat against K. Priyadarshan after a marathon 104 moves.

Amongst the women players, WGM Bhakti Kulkarni is in the lead with a score of 3 points.

The event is being hosted by Goregaon Sports Club and co-sponsored by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) & the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Key Results of Round 4:

Bo.                    Name                                        Pts.                   Result   Pts.                   Name

1           GM       Debashis Das                            3          Lost to 4          GM       Kokarev Dmitry

2          GM       Mchedlishvili Mikheil               3½        Drew    3½        GM       Rahman Ziaur

3          GM       Nguyen Duc Hoa                       3½        Drew    3½        GM       Kravtsiv Martyn

4          GM       Smirnov Pavel                           4          Beat     3          GM       Sivuk Vitaly

5          GM       Hossain Enamul                         2½        Lost to 3½        GM       Pantsulaia Levan

6          GM       Laxman R.R.                              3          Drew    3          GM       Zubov Alexander

7          GM       Aleksandrov Aleksej                 3½        Beat     2½                    Visakh Nr

8          IM       Azaladze Shota                        3          Drew    3          FM       K. Praneeth Surya

9          GM       Deepan Chakkravarthy J.          3          Drew    3          FM       R Srihari

10         IM       Priyadharshan K.                      3½        Beat     2½                    Rohan Ahuja

11         IM       Karthikeyan P.                          3½        Beat     2½                    Siva Mahadevan 

12         IM       Nitin S.                                    3½        Beat     2½        IM       Swayams Mishra