Grandmaster Kravstiv Martyn took the sole lead at the end of round 6 of BMC & LIC sponsored, VIII Mumbai Mayor’s International Chess Tournament in progress here at Goregaon Sports Club.

In a clash of leaders on the top 3-boards, GM Kravstiv produced the only decisive result in his game against GM Pavel Smirnov in 45 moves from the Black side of Queen’s Gambit to propel himself to the top of standings. Barring this result, the ‘safety first’ approach was witnessed on the remaining five boards as the players agreed for quick draws.

The 2nd spot is now shared by GM Kokarev, GM Nguyen, GM Ziaur Rahman, IM Priyadarshan & GM Laxman, who handed the defending champion, GM Levan Pantsulaia his 2nd consecutive defeat. All these players are on 5/6 points.

GM Pavel Smirnov, GM Debashis Das, GM Zubov Alexander, M Nubarishah Shaikh, GM Mchedlishvili M, GM        Paichadze Luka, GM         Deepan C J & IM Prasanna Rao are occupying the 3rd spot jointly with a score of 4½/6 points.


With 4 rounds remaining in this championship, a keen fight for championship is in the offing for winner’s purse of Rs. 3 Lakhs from a prize pool of Rs.11 Lakhs.

Bo.          Name               Pts.   Result              Pts.   Name

1        GM     Nguyen Duc Hoa      5        Drew            5        GM     Kokarev Dmitry

2        GM     Smirnov Pavel         4½      Lost to         5½      GM     Kravtsiv Martyn

3        GM     Debashis Das          4½      Drew            5        GM     Rahman Ziaur

4                 M Nubair Shaikh     4½      Drew            4½      GM     Zubov Alexander

5        GM     MchedlishviliM       4½      Drew            4½      GM     Paichadze Luka

6        GM     Deepan C J.           4½      Drew            4½      IM     Prasanna Rao

7        IM     Nitin S.                   4        Lost to         5        IM     Priyadharshan K.

8        GM     Laxman R.R.            5        Beat             3½      GM     Pantsulaia Levan

9        GM     Aleksandrov A        4½      Beat             3½      FM     R K Srihari

10      IM     Azaladze Shota       4½      Beat             3½      Sahoo Utkal Ranjan

11       CM     Puranik A                3½      Beat             3½      GM     Sivuk Vitaly

12      IM     Karthikeyan P.         4½      Beat             3½      IM     Gokhale Chandrashekhar

13                Deshpande A           3½      Lost to         4½      Vignesh Nr

14                Visakh Nr               3½      Lost to         4½      Siva Mahadevan


15                Chandar Raju          3½      Lost to         4½      Harsha Bharathakoti